• Nora Slobodianik


    Work positions: Professor, Researcher

    CV: Chemist PhD. Professor of Nutrition. School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires. Argentina. Researcher of University of Buenos Aires. Papers: 126 (National and International Journals ); Chapters in books (National and International ) 9. She receives Grants from University of Buenos Aires, CONICET and AJ Roemmers Foundation. Professor in post-graduated courses organizated by University of Buenos Aires and another National and Private Universities of Argentina. Since 1998 she participates in the International Courses of Immunonutrition directed by Dr. Ascension Marcos CSIC, Madrid, España. Invited Professor in the “ International Course of Immunonutrition”, Toluca, University of México, directed by Dr. Roxana Valdés Ramos, July 2006. On april 2008,she had organized and directed the VIII Course-1st. International Symposium on Immunonutrition” in the School of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. University of Buenos Aires. Argentina.Member of i-Finer- Head of “ Nutrition and VIH group“, and “Nutritional Evaluation Group”, both belong to the Argentine Society of Nutrition.