What is ISIN?

The International Society for Immunonutrition (ISIN) is a non-profit organization, created with the idea of gathering professionals and postgraduates who are interested in this field of knowledge.

It is a worldwide scientific society for scientists, clinicians and other health professionals and students working at, or interested in, the interface of nutrition and immunology. Our scientific members and experts study the effects and mechanisms of action of food and food components, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and fatty acids etc on the immune system in health and disease and at all stages of the life cycle. The society aims to help communicate and encourage research and therefore increase knowledge and communication of immunonutrition and also to help interpret and then disseminate this as advice and information for the public and the broader scientific and health professional community.

Objectives of ISIN

To promote education and research in the transdisciplinary area that comprises the interaction between nutrition and immunology, through the advancement of its understanding, as well as publication and communication of its results.

The aims of ISIN will be achieved through:

  • a. Sponsoring and organising regional, national and international meetings.
  • b. Sponsoring and organising regional, national and international teaching courses.
  • c. Promoting research on nutritional immunology.
  • d. Educating health related professionals and the general public about the advances in the area of immunonutrition.
  • e. Establishing links with other organisations that share the aims of ISIN.


To provide conditions for expanding formation of human resources in immunonutrition, specifically concerning education and research.


To develop a long term task force to yield a novel vision of nutrition and immunological requirements for a health policy, including governmental policies.